Saturday, August 30, 2008


Steve and I just stumbled upon Glen Jones's show on NJ classic rock station 105.7. Whoa.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


When I was in college, some of my friends on the school newspaper would use my (maiden) name in songs. They'd sing my name to the tune of the Mission Impossible theme, etc. I told this to another friend of mine, who said they should use "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" by Looking Glass as a song for me instead.

Fast forward 10 years and I marry a guy with the last name of Brandi.

Not only that, but Looking Glass was formed at Rutgers, where my husband went to college, and is considered part of the Jersey Shore sound, where I sort of lived (about 20 minutes away from the beach) as a kid and where we sort of live now.
Watchmen Watchmen by Alan Moore

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== Sort of a spoiler alert == Lots of intertwining story arcs and themes to sink your teeth into. One I'm currently mulling over is the morality of Rorschach vs. that of Ozymandias. Rorschach thinks what Ozymandias did is criminal and that Ozymandias must be punished for it, but really, is what Ozymandias did so different than what Rorschach did throughout his stint as masked adventurer? Sure, Rorschach killed less people than Ozymandias, but both had the same motives: to save mankind. If we think of this in term of Dr. Manhattan's conclusion that every human being is a miracle given the immense odds against each one of us coming into being, then killing just one person, let alone more than one (but less than a hundred, though we don't really know) as Rorschach did, for the good of the many is just as bad as killing millions.

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The sprinkler system

We had some guys install a sprinkler system today. Wow, what a headache. It only took about 3 1/2 hours but there were guys everywhere all at once digging holes and pulling up part of our brick garden borders. I couldn't bear to watch. Shielding my eyes from it didn't save me though as they used a ditch witch to do most of their digging; it was obnoxiously loud and I cringed whenever I heard grinding noises. So I buried myself into The Watchmen until I was finished with the book.

I should have been watching TV instead, I suppose, since the sprinkler guys cut our cable line and I didn't realize it until about a half hour before they were to leave. Our utilities are buried, which improves the aesthetic appeal of our neighborhood, but is a pain in the ass to deal with sometimes. The guys insisted that where anything was marked - gas, electric, cable - they dug by hand and slipped the sprinkler hoses underneath the existing lines. And it's true that part of the cable line wasn't marked properly. A cut we found, where a since-removed tree had I, I presume, moved the cable line a bit and where you can clearly see a cable poking through the grass (and about which I forgot to tell them) was about two feet from the marking. But, un uh, they're not in the clear; the cable guy who temporarily put us back into cable said there was at least one more cut in the cable line.

By temporarily putting us back into cable, I mean that there's a coax cable running from where the cable comes in from the street, across our yard, across the top of our driveway, over to our house's cable hookup on the side of the house. Reminds me of a John Fogerty video. The cable company's going to have to run a new line - the guy said within 10 days.

Plus, even though I told the sprinkler guy who came to give us an estimate, and who wasn't on the job today, that we only wanted our grass watered, not the garden because we'd rather use our drip-hose system to save water, today's guys installed heads that water the garden anyway. It's not that big of a deal because the heads that water the garden are on separate areas than those that water the lawn, and it didn't cost us more than if we hadn't gotten the extra heads installed, but still...

Lessons learned:

  • Don't assume that what you told the guy who gave you the estimate will pass that on to the guys who will actually do the work.

  • If you know of any quirks in your utility hook ups, don't forget to tell your contractors.

  • Don't be surprised if they cut your cable line even if you do tell them about the quirks.

  • Don't get too stressed out about it. In my case, the problem was temporarily fixed by 2:30 in the afternoon.

  • Take aspirin or something before the work starts to ward off your inevitable headache.